The NHS is well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases and has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal.
Check online at and at for advice on your travel and contact history and the latest COVID-19 information before attending the dental practice.

We are pleased to announce that the practice is now open and we would like to thank everyone for the patience during lockdown. We still have very limited services until we get guidance to resume full Dentistry.

We are not currently taking on any new patients as we have to prioritise our existing patient list.

So what does this mean for us and our patients?

We have been preparing and planning for re-opening since the start of lockdown, but this hasn’t been straightforward due to the nature of our business. We are able to offer limited services that do not use AGP’S (air generating procedures).

How will patients be prioritised?

We shall be treating patients in a phased approach. We have been triaging patients during lockdown, and those who have been experiencing problems, shall be seen first. Routine and non- urgent treatments such as examinations and scale and polishes will follow in due course in line with government guidance.

New regulations will mean that we are unable to see the same volume of patients as we did previously so we would ask that you please be patient whilst we all adapt during this time. we can rotate treatment rooms to allow for additional cleaning to be undertaken between patients meaning that we have less ‘down time’.

What should I do now?

If you have an urgent dental problem: please call the practice on 01709 910042 and follow the instructions and we shall return your call as a matter of priority. We are still able to provide advice, prescribe antibiotics (where appropriate) and refer to a local urgent care centre if required, until we re-open.

If you have already contacted us regarding a dental problem during the lockdown: there is no need to do anything. You are already logged on our system and we shall be contacting you in due course to review your situation and to book an appointment as a matter of priority.

Again, if you have routine appointments pending: there is no need to do anything. We shall contact you to let you know whether your appointment will be going ahead as planned or whether we shall need to re-arrange it. The chances are, if you have a routine examination or non urgent appointment in the next few weeks, we shall be contacting you to postpone this. As explained above, this it to allow us time to prepare for re-opening and then to start by prioritising and treating those patients with problems first.

If you have a dental problem which you feel is non-urgent but needs addressing: please contact the practice in due course as we re open and we shall discuss your problem / triage you and arrange an appropriate appointment. As you can imagine, we shall be experiencing a large number of calls initially. For non urgent issues we would be grateful if you could please wait until next week to call us, to enable us to get our systems in place and effectively deal with enquiries. If you are leaving an answer phone message, please leave your name and a brief description of your problem.

We would ask that you remain patient at this time and reassured that appointments will be scheduled based on patient need, vulnerability etc and not just “first come first served”.

What will a dental visit be like?

It became apparent as lockdown progressed, that like other shops, schools and workplaces, dental practices won’t simply re-open and be back to how they were before. Aside from clinical systems and PPE, we shall be introducing new measures to allow social distancing to protect both patients and staff during dental visits.

We will provide more detail soon as to what to expect at your appointments going forward, especially if you are attending in the next couple of months. We appreciate that patients may be anxious when attending the dentist, and that the current Covid-19 situation will for many people, add to this. We therefore plan to put together protocols which help to give reassurance to patients and alleviate anxiety.

We would like to thank all of our patients for bearing with us during this difficult period, we are extremely grateful for all your support. We appreciate that you have been unable to access the service which you deserve, and we have been left frustrated, trying to help but being very limited with what we have been allowed to do.

Kind regards

Philip Hicken (General Manager)